I got pregnant right out of highschool with my boyfriend after being together for only 8 months. I moved to GA to live with my dad; my stepmom informed me about the center. I thought I would try it out. I had the most amazing experience! I felt so loved and cared about, I cried and cried my first visit. I knew the way I was living was not right! Pregnant out of wedlock and being so young! My counselor was so loving and so comforting, we prayed together and talked about everything! My first ultra sound ever was actually performed here too!! The day before my ultra sound I went to my first doctor appt and they couldn’t find the heart beat; I was so worried. When I showed up to the center the next day I was so nervous about the ultra sound that they wouldn’t be able to find a heart beat either. Once the jelly was on my stomach and they started to perform the ultra sound, there was my baby! So active and flipping all around! It was amazing and so wonderful to share that experience with ladies just as excited as me!

Today, my baby boy, Cooper is 3 months old and we are so happy!! I got married in April to his father and we now live on base as a family! Without the Center I wouldn’t have been able to cope with my pregnancy as well as I did I wouldn’t have been able to talk about it like I did! I am so thankful for Fayetteville Pregnancy Resource Center!!!!