2016 Spring to Life Gala

Our 2016 Spring to Life Gala was great!  The highlight of the evening was hearing testimonies from four of our clients and how the Center has impacted their lives.  Click here to watch the video of their testimonies!

We also got to hear from Dr. Bob Reccord as he shared how abortion is impacting our nation and individuals around us.  He inspired us to stand together for life and gave a powerful example from his own life of the impact of individuals standing up for life.  As a young child his mother died, his father abandoned him, and he was abused and neglected by the various people who took him in.  That is, until a young couple stepped up and adopted him and gave him a chance for a better life!  Because of this couple and many others like them around the nation children like Bob can be saved and given a chance to not only live but thrive.  Thank you Dr. Bob Reccord for sharing your story!

We are also excited to be able to say that with over 350 attendees we raised over $125,000 to support the mission of The Center! Thank you for all of you who attended!