2018 Gala Keynote Address

Abby Johnson was an amazing speaker! Her message that evening was both challenging and inspiring. Before becoming an active pro-life speaker Abby was a clinic director for Planned Parenthood, had experienced two abortions herself, and as clinic director oversaw over 20,000 abortions.  After assisting with an ultrasound-guided abortion back in 2009 Abby was confronted with the reality of abortion in a new way.  That very day she walked out of the clinic and began the journey of healing for herself and has since dedicated her life to sharing the destruction of abortion and encouraging people to take a stand for life. She also reminded us how sin can take hold in our lives one small step at a time and the importance of taking an active role in educating others so that they can’t say that they never really knew the truth about abortion.

She also reminded all of us of the importance of the gospel in our ministry and that ultimately what each of our clients need is a heart touched and changed by God.  She encourage us to continue sharing the truth of the gospel with our clients while at the same time challenged all of us not to just stand on the sidelines but to take an active role in defending and promoting life.

Abby was such an inspirational speaker and we are blessed to have heard her story.

See the video of Abby’s talk below.

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