2020 Spring to Life Gala

The theme for our 10th Annual Gala is a sobering one, as we see this country deeply divided over the subject of abortion. The promoters of the abortion industry are doubling down on their efforts to garner support. This is not the time to be complacent and hope someone else will defend the life of the unborn for us. God’s Word says to be either hot or cold, but to be lukewarm is not acceptable. It is our responsibility to dig deep and not only stand our ground, but to redouble our efforts to stand for the life of the innocents. We need your help as well as the help of others. And you can aid in bringing them to partner with us.

On April 23, 2020 we will hold our 2020 Spring to Life Gala. We have featured some well-known and prolific speakers from various areas of ministry, all with strong messages supporting the sanctity of human life. Our 2020 speaker may not be as well-known as some of our previous speakers, but Emeal Zwayne is no less passionate and accomplished in pro-life work. We are confident that after hearing his message, you will feel that you know “E.Z.” and consider him one of our best speakers yet.

If you have been invited by a Gala sponsor, we hope you will accept the invitation. Sponsors invite their own guests to attend at no cost. We are grateful for sponsors who cover the cost of the event so that all funds raised on the night of the Gala go directly to the operation of this ministry.
If you would like to help broaden our reach to the community by sponsoring the event and inviting your own guests, you can contact Angela Weeks at angela@fayetteprc.com or 770-719-2288. Your immediate response will be appreciated and encouraging.

If you have not already committed to sponsor or come as a guest of a sponsor, this is your invitation to attend as a guest of the ministry. We want you to be there so we can convey our appreciation for your support! There is no cost to attend, but your seats must be reserved. Please contact Angela now at angela@fayetteprc.com and tell her you would like to attend!

For more information or to sponsor the Gala click here.

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