Benjamin is Back

We are excited to announce the return of our mobile medical unit, Benjamin. He has been in Colorado since December having repairs done. We are grateful to Save the Storks for providing a unit named Emmanuel that we have been using the past few months. With Benjamin’s return, we will begin servicing two new locations and saying goodbye to one.

We are thankful for the partnership we have had with Healing Bridge Clinic in Peachtree City in offering our services at their location both in 2020 and 2021. We will be moving on from this location and will miss them greatly. Our two newest locations starting in April are in Griffin and Palmetto. Both locations are underserved areas where there is no available pregnancy resource services. We already serve many clients from these areas at our main center location and hope that by going directly to these communities we will reach even more women and men.

The Griffin service site is at Crestview Baptist Church. We are thankful to Pastor Thomas Hill for partnering with our mobile ministry and greatly anticipate what God has in store for the Griffin community through this partnership. We will provide services in Griffin every Thursday from 10am – 2pm. The Palmetto service site is at Ramah First Baptist Church. We appreciate Pastor Charles Huckaby for allowing us to park our unit on their campus and look forward to the potential of this location. We will provide services in Palmetto on the second and fourth Monday of every month from 10am – 2pm. On the first and third Monday of each month, we will continue to assist the Jonesboro Pregnancy Center by offering ultrasound for their clients.

Please be in prayer that God will use these locations for a great harvest. We pray to see women and men come to know Jesus Christ as the answer and Lord of their life. We pray that women who are fearful and uncertain about their pregnancy decision will find peace and choose life for their baby. Please pray that God will allow the news of our services to spread so that every abortion minded woman in these areas will have the opportunity to choose to board our bus.

If you are interested in learning more about our mobile ministry or how you can become part of our team as a volunteer, please contact Niki Garner at We have volunteer opportunities available for male drivers and for female peer counselors.

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