Blessing Boutique

After twenty-six years in operation we have finally named our clothes closet, the area where mothers and fathers can purchase items for their babies.   After receiving submissions from clients and volunteers the staff voted on the suggestions and the winner is “Blessing Boutique”.  We are so excited to have a name that describes the area and reflects our desire to be a blessing to the families we serve while providing a nice welcoming shopping experience.
We are also grateful to Cindy Clough for stepping up as our Clothes Closet Coordinator a few months ago.  She has done a great job keeping things organized and overseeing the needs of the Blessing Boutique.  Thank you Cindy!
In addition, we are grateful for all the baby items you have donated to the Center over the past weeks.  We have had more strollers, cribs, and other large items come in than ever and the donations are keeping our Blessing Boutique volunteers busy.  We are so grateful for the volunteers that serve regularly in this area for sorting through donations, keeping our shelves and racks stocked and organized, and helping the parents shop.
If you still have baby items we are accepting donations of baby clothes, baby items and baby equipment on Monday-Thursday from 10am-4pm.

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