I can’t match what my wife said but I do want to tell you about my connection with the Center.  When Sheretta began the EWYL program I went along with her just to support her as she watched the DVD presentations and completed the workbooks. At first I sat in the car and waited because I did not see any men going into the Center.  One day one of the counselors invited me to come in with Sheretta. I watched the presentation and from that day forward I became very interested in what was being said and the topics that were discussed. I wanted to learn more and grow but it seemed like everything in the center was for women and children only.  On the other hand, Sheretta started to attended their women’s Bible study and developed life changing relationships.

When the center moved into its present location, Sheretta told me they were going to start a men’s Bible study on Tuesday night.  Well this was perfect for me because I had a lot of questions.  Over the past year it seems everything has fallen into place. I began to love GOD more and love myself. I began to learn how to be a man, husband, and father.