Do You Not Know…#3

Do you know Emeal Zwayne? You may not have heard of Emeal  Zwayne, the speaker for our 2020 Spring to Life Gala. If not, you don’t know his fascinating life story and amazing testimony of transformation. Billy Hallowell of described Emeal this way: Emeal “E.Z.” Zwayne was once a troubled teen and gang member who attempted suicide in front of his own family — but his life was radically transformed after a chance encounter when the Bible instantaneously changed his heart. Years later, he’s a dynamic speaker who has executive produced Christian films and reached millions of people with the gospel, including the popular “180” movie, which combats abortion.

And there’s more! Emeal will most likely tell of his mother’s attempt to abort him and how a doctor is credited with saving his life. He might also tell you that he is the son-in-law of Ray Comfort, Christian apologist and co-star with Kirk Cameron of Way of the Master TV and video series. Ray Comfort has recommended EZ as an outstanding pro-life speaker.

Fayette PRC’s co-founder, Phyllis Avrit, first heard Emeal years ago at a Deeper Evangelism Conference. So, when she received EZ’s confirmation that he would be our 2020 Gala speaker, she was elated. Please plan to join us to hear Emeal Zwayne — pastor…preacher…producer…poet!

Click here to watch Emeal share his testimony of transformation. 

Click here to watch Emeal give a quick thought on how to get life right in the midst of our daily grind!

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