Fayette PRC Approved for Grant from Pre-Born!

It was a team effort! Nurse Manager Niki Garner went by the Pre-Born booth at Care Net’s Annual Conference last September and learned about Pre-Born’s program for providing ultrasound machines to pregnancy centers. Niki told Loren, FPRC’s Community Relations Coordinator, and Loren submitted a grant proposal to Pre-Born. Executive Director Luci Hough completed a telephone interview and made the commitment to host an on-site visit by one of Pre-Born’s trainers. During Luci’s leave of absence in May, Office Manager Angela Weeks made plans with Bob Foust for the visit. During the days before Bob’s visit on June 24th, the entire staff contributed to making the preparations for a wonderful day of training and fellowship.

Pre-born has several requirements for partnership with a pregnancy center. Evangelism is at the center of Pre-Born’s mission, so the first requirement is for online evangelism training of staff and volunteers followed by two hours of in-person instruction by a Pre-Born trainer, which for Fayette PRC was Bob Foust. They also require two hours of board training and an interview with the Center’s Nurse Manager. Bob Foust is delightful and very knowledgeable. He is a pregnancy center director himself in Pelham, Alabama, and has been serving in the Christian pro-life ministry for over 32 years. He challenged us, encouraged us, and equipped us for growth and an even greater comfort level for sharing Jesus.

While here, Bob announced to our board that Fayette PRC will be receiving a new ultrasound machine! We are praising God for this new relationship with Pre-Born and the opportunity to replace our original ultrasound machine that was purchased in 2013. How wonderful it is when God’s people work together for LIFE!

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