Georgia’s New Adoption Law

Georgia’s New Adoption Law

In February 2018, HB 159 was passed by the Georgia legislature updating and revising Georgia’s dated adoption laws. Among the many revisions was a change to the revocation period for birth parents upon signing voluntary surrender documents.

Previously, after signing voluntary surrender documents, a birth parent had 10 days to revoke their surrender of rights, meaning during that 10 day period they could change their mind about the adoption. This new law shortened the revocation period to 4 days.

The new law becomes fully effective September 1, 2018, but there is a phase-in period that began July 1, 2018, during which adoption agencies and attorneys can abide by either the 10-day revocation or 4-day revocation period.

Birth parents often communicate that they feel in limbo during the revocation period, and often cannot begin the process of healing and moving forward until the revocation period is over. The shorter time frame also allows the baby to be placed sooner with the adoptive family.

Please know that you do not have to be the expert on adoption law and procedures. We refer to several different adoption agencies that serve our area and each of them can answer more detailed questions about the adoption process.

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