In, Out, All About in July

On Tuesday, July 10th Luci and Angela went to Woolsey Baptist Church and met with Elizabeth Highsmith to make plans for our 5K for Life being held on September 15th.


On Thursday, July 12th Loren Williams, Community Relations Coordinator, attended the Belk Charity Sale meeting to discuss our involvement in the Belk Charity Sale being held on August 25th. Don’t forget to purchase your tickets!

On July 18th we had five clients complete our Parenting Class and earn a brand new crib and mattress.

On July 19th our FPRC board of directors held their quarterly meeting. Thank you to all of our board members (Carl Avrit, Perry Ragsdale, David Conley, Phyllis Avrit, Darryl Dyche, Jason Sutton, and Victoria Webster) for the oversight and guidance you provide for the Center.

On July 24th, Nicole Pitman, RN taught our Child Safety Class where moms learned about protecting their children from injury and harm.  At the end of the class all the participants earned brand new car seats.

On July 25th, our Golf4Life committee met to continue making plans for our annual golf tournament. We have an exciting tournament planned this year and are grateful for the new additions to our team – Father Don Hutchens from All Saints Anglican Church and Garrett and  Loren Williams.

On Tuesdays our staff has been meeting for a Lunch and Learn and enjoying RZIM’s small group series Everyday Questions.

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