Moving Forward by Going Mobile

With pro-abortion legislation and movements being championed across the nation we are reminded anew of the importance of not only advocating for life on a political level but also being there to meet the practical, spiritual, and emotional needs of women, men, and families facing an unplanned pregnancy. We do that on a daily basis through the work we do at 360 East Lanier Avenue in Fayetteville but there are people out there who won’t or can’t come to our location in Fayetteville. So we are doing something about that. We are GOING MOBILE!

We are in the build process of our very own Mobile Medical Unit that will allow us to reach out women in our community facing an unplanned pregnancy with free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds.  Although we don’t yet have a delivery date for our mobile unit “Benjamin” we will have a Mobile Medical Unit available at our 2019 Gala for you to tour and to give you a visual of what our own unit will look like.  We hope you will partner with us to support this project by helping to fund the mobile unit, and/or attending our 2019 Spring to Life Gala where you can learn more about our plans to GO MOBILE! We hope you will be inspired to STAND WITH US FOR LIFE and support this special project.

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