New Abortion Recovery Support Lead Facilitator

We are excited to announce that Alesia Brown will be stepping up as our Lead Abortion Recovery Facilitator this month.  Kim Ketola who has been serving in this capacity for the last year will be moving to Arizona. Although we will miss Kim and the leadership she provided we are blessed to have Alesia stepping up to fill this role.

Alesia has been a volunteer Peer Counselor at the Center since January of 2013 and serves as the Lead Peer Counselor for our Thursday afternoon shift.  Alesia’s husband Frank is our medical director and involved with the men’s mentoring program as well. They have one son, Christopher, who is in college at UGA.  Frank and Alesia attend Redemption Fellowship.  In addition to her regular Thursday afternoon shift Alesia will also be serving one day per month as the counselor on the mobile unit.  We value Alesia and her commitment to the team and are excited about her willingness to step up to fill this need as well.  Welcome to the Abortion Recovery Team Alesia!

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