New VP for Board of Directors

Listed from left to right – Jason, Phyllis, Carl, John, Luci, David, Perry (stepped down), Darryl, and Victoria

We are blessed with an amazing board of directors that serves the Center, provides guidance, and makes decisions about the direction of the ministry. We are so thankful for the contribution of each of them and are excited that board member Jason Sutton has agreed to step into the role of Vice President of the Board.  Jason has been serving on our board since 2016.

Our board members are as follows.

  • Carl Avrit – President
  • Jason Sutton – Vice President
  • David Conley – Treasurer
  • Phyllis Avrit – Secretary
  • Darryl Dyche
  • Luci Hough
  • John Warnock
  • Victoria Webster

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