Prayers Needed for Moms in Crisis

One of the greatest challenges for pregnancy centers is to increase the number of women we see who are conflicted about being pregnant. The percentage of women who are considering an abortion and contact a pregnancy center at all is very low. It is our vision to be the first place a woman with an unplanned and/or unwanted pregnancy comes. We provide accurate information on the risks of abortion, genuine concern for the mother and baby, consultation for the father of the baby, introduction of the option of adoption, and free medical services to diagnose the pregnancy and establish its viability through ultrasound.
Our prayers to make this vision a reality are being answered. Recently we have seen more women than usual who were either undecided about continuing their pregnancy (abortion is still being considered) or intending to abort (abortion-minded). In an email blast on September 29, Luci Hough, Executive Director of Fayette PRC, asked for prayer for five women who visited the Center in the week leading up to Tuesday’s email. These ladies had been counseled and had seen their babies on ultrasound, but were still conflicted. When Luci sent a second email updating the status of the five moms, there was a sixth to add to the list. By the time of the second email, we knew of two women who have committed to carrying their baby to term and parenting! On the disappointing side, however, one of the group has told us she is now planning to abort her baby. We are still praying for her and the others who did not answer our follow-up call and pray that they would choose life for their baby. And we pray for those who have chosen life to remain steadfast in their decision, return to the Center for spiritual guidance, and join our learning program so that their baby will not only survive but also thrive.
Of course, we give the Lord the credit and praise for any outcomes that are life-affirming (eternal life for the client or physical life for the baby). But after we have presented the facts, offered help, completed the medical procedures provided at the Center, and reached out in a follow-up call, we must step back and appeal to the Lord for intervention. We are grateful for all who pray for the Center regularly. If you did not receive the email on September 29 and would like to be notified of urgent concerns, just reply to this newsletter and ask Luci to add you to the prayer notification list.  We value your prayers as we stand in the gap for the vulnerable in our community.

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