Pregnancy and Parenting Resources


Pregnancy and parenthood are filled with uncertainty. That is why Fayette Pregnancy Resource Center offers a wide range of resources designed to help guide you through pregnancy, baby care, and beyond. These resources include:

Peer Counseling

We offer peer counseling to discuss your pregnancy options (abortion, adoption, parenting), help you make an informed decision about your pregnancy, discuss issues surrounding or impacting your pregnancy, help you prepare for pregnancy and/or parenting, deal with pregnancy loss, offer support to a girlfriend/wife, friend, or child who is facing a pregnancy, and more.


If you need someone to talk to about the situations and issues you are facing in your life right now, then we are here for you.  Our mentors are trained and experienced and are always willing to listen with a supportive and compassionate heart,  helping you find positive resolutions to the challenges in your life.

Learning Program

Fayette Pregnancy Resource Center offers an educational program called Earn While You Learn (EWYL) that provides education on a variety of topics that helps guide you through pregnancy, parenting, and beyond. The program is facilitated through videos, discussion lessons, and homework. Participants earn Baby Bucks that enable them to purchase baby items from our clothes closet.

Clothes Closet

We know that many of our clients struggle with purchasing baby clothes and other baby items, so we offer a clothes closet with baby clothes up to size 2T as well as other baby items to assist you in providing for your baby. All of the items in our clothes closet are free when you enroll in our Earn While You Learn program and earn Baby Bucks to spend in the clothes closet.


Fatherhood Program

In an effort to reach out to birthfathers we designed a program specifically for them that includes opportunities to receive one-on-one mentoring, participate in group classes, and complete individual lessons all designed to help guide him in being a good father and developing other life skills. Participants earn Baby Bucks that enable them to purchase baby items from our clothes closet.

At Fayette Pregnancy Resource Center, we respect that women have the right to make their own decisions regarding the outcome of their pregnancy and their sexual health. We are here to help women, and others who may be involved with a pregnancy, make an informed and reasoned decision. The information provided on this website is educational only, is not intended as a medical diagnosis, and should not take the place of your medical practitioner. FPRC provides free and confidential services to anyone in Fayetteville, Peachtree City, Brooks, Senoia, Jonesboro, Fairburn, Sharpsburg, and other surrounding areas. Our services include pregnancy testing, limited pre-natal ultrasounds for qualifying clients, information on pregnancy options, abortion alternatives counseling, an “Earn While You Learn” parenting program, and a clothes closet.