I came to the center because my mom told me about this place that did pregnancy tests and offered maternity clothing and baby supplies, and all I had to do was watch a thirty-minute video.  I already had one child and was pregnant with my second.  My plan was to receive the help, and that’s it.

Counselors presented the gospel to me many times, but I really wasn’t interested; I just wanted my needs met.  Chris and I married in 2007, but it wasn’t until two years later that my life changed.  God began to work on my heart, and I was more open to hear what the counselors had to say about God. Though I chose to receive Christ at this time, I was still lukewarm because I didn’t want to let go of my life.

Over time, God was changing me. I began to open my heart to the counselors allowing them to counsel and mentor me. I began to trust them and open up about my past.  They really helped me, and God began to heal me. They encouraged me to join their women’s Bible study, and that was really life changing.  It opened the door to new friendships, not only with clients who were just like me, but also with counselors who are alwats there for me even to this day.

The Center has helped me get into church where I have grown in my relationship with the Lord. I just love Unity Christian Church. Since I first started coming to the Center, my family has grown to five children, two of whom are considered disabled.  There have been many tears, but God has made me content in my circumstances, and people comment now on my beautiful smile.

The Center has been a great support in giving me so much encouragement.  In July 2013 God began to let me know my season as a client at the Center was up and it was time to start pouring back into other what He and the counselors had poured into me.  I don’t know where my life would be without God and the Center.  Not only have they helped me and my children, they have also been a blessing to my marriage and my husband.  I sometimes jokingly say we are overdue for an argument! Just like the Center helped in mentoring me, it has helped Chris in his growth through the men’s Bible study.