3 Things Needed Before Abortion

Are you looking into abortion options or maybe already have one scheduled? Women struggling with an accidental pregnancy can feel pressured to find a solution as quickly as possible. If you answered yes to either question above, this article is for you!

Before having an abortion you are strongly encouraged to get these three things completed first.

1. Confirm You Are Still Pregnant 

It may seem redundant, but taking another pregnancy test to confirm you’re really pregnant is the right first step. 

Pregnancies can be fragile, especially the first few weeks. The Mayo clinic estimates that 10-20% of all pregnancies will terminate naturally in a miscarriage. 

You may not need to put yourself through the side effects of an abortion if you find out the pregnancy has already miscarried. 

2. Why Do I Need An Ultrasound?

Have you ever wondered why OBGYN’s schedule pregnant women for an 8-9 week ultrasound? An ultrasound is an incredible tool that provides vital information about your pregnancy. It reveals where the pregnancy is located, how old it is, and if it’s viable. 

How Old Is My Pregnancy? 

Gestation is the scientific term for how far along a pregnancy is. If you weren’t planning on getting pregnant, it can be tricky to determine exactly when you conceived. An ultrasound can quickly show how far along your pregnancy is which may help determine what type of abortion will be most effective. 


Once again, a pregnancy is very fragile the first 20 weeks. Having an ultrasound will confirm your pregnancy is still alive and still growing.


Believe it or not, some pregnancies can actually implant and grow outside of the uterus. This is referred to as an ectopic pregnancy. An ectopic pregnancy cannot survive and poses serious, even life-threatening, complications to the mother if left undiscovered. 

The best way to find an ectopic pregnancy is via ultrasound. 

3. Finding Care 

Your health and your future matter to us. At Fayette Pregnancy Resource Center, women are seen and heard. We are here to provide the care and the support you need to refocus your future. 

Do you need to confirm you’re pregnant? We offer no-cost, medical-grade pregnancy tests. Are you ready for an ultrasound? We can help you with those too. 

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