Resources We Offer

Pregnancy and parenthood are uncertain, no matter your situation. That is why Fayette PRC offers a wide range of no-cost resources designed to help guide you through pregnancy, baby care, and beyond.

Peer Counseling

We provide no-cost peer counseling to discuss parenting and all your options. We’ll look at issues surrounding or impacting your pregnancy and help you prepare for the possibility of parenting. There are several community resources also available to assist you.


If you need someone to talk to about the situations and issues you are facing in your life right now, we are here for you. Our mentors are trained, experienced, and always willing to listen with a supportive and compassionate heart. You are not alone. We’re here to help you find positive resolutions to the challenges in your life.

Learning Program

Fayette PRC offers a two-year educational program designed to meet your needs and interests. We provide education on various topics from prenatal care to child-rearing (and more!) to help guide you through this journey.

The program is facilitated through videos, discussion lessons, and homework. Participants earn Baby Bucks that enable them to “purchase” baby items from our Blessing Boutique.

Blessing Boutique

Many of our clients struggle with purchasing baby clothes and other baby items, so we offer a boutique with baby clothes up to size 2T, as well as other baby items to assist you in providing for your baby.

All items in our Blessing Boutique are free when you enroll in our educational program and earn Baby Bucks to spend in the boutique.

Fatherhood Program

In an effort to reach out to birth fathers, we designed a program specifically for them. The program includes opportunities to receive one-on-one mentoring, participate in group classes, and complete individual lessons designed to help guide him in being a good father and developing other life skills.  Father’s can earn Baby Bucks that enable them to “purchase” baby items from our Blessing Boutique.

Abortion Recovery Support

Abortion Recovery Support offers a safe, confidential, and non-judgmental place to start the road to healing. We offer individual counseling as well as support groups for anyone who is suffering from a past abortion. There is hope and healing in the aftermath. To learn more about Abortion Recovery Support, visit our website.