A positive pregnancy test result isn’t enough information to determine the next steps of your unplanned pregnancy. Ultrasound is the only way to get the information you need.

At Fayette Pregnancy Resource Center, we offer free ultrasounds to qualified clients. Schedule your appointment to see if you qualify.

Why Do I Need An Ultrasound?

There are three critical questions that only an ultrasound can answer.

Is your pregnancy viable, or Have You Miscarried?

More than 20% of pregnancies end in a miscarriage, you’ll need an ultrasound to determine if your pregnancy is viable. A viable or growing pregnancy means you haven’t miscarried, and a heartbeat is detectable.

How far along is your pregnancy?

Sometimes a woman needs help in dating her pregnancy because she doesn’t recall her last period, or her periods are irregular. Only ultrasound can accurately determine how far along your pregnancy is (gestational age), giving you a better idea of your available options. For example, if you are more than 10 weeks 0 days pregnant you may have to have a surgical abortion.

Where is the pregnancy located?

Some pregnancies form on the outside of the uterus. They are known as ectopic pregnancies and are extremely dangerous, possibly fatal, and require immediate medical care.

What Does An Ultrasound Do?

Ultrasound provides information to help you make confident decisions about your pregnancy. We’re committed to providing women with evidence-based information and no-cost pregnancy services.

You’re facing a big decision, and your choices can be overwhelming. We’re here to provide the counsel, support, and information you need to feel empowered to choose what’s best for your future.

Begin your journey with no-cost pregnancy testing and see if you qualify for an ultrasound. Our services are completely confidential. We promise to meet you without judgment or condemnation. You are safe here.