Abortion or Parenting: What Factors to Consider in an Unplanned Pregnancy?

The shock of an unplanned pregnancy leads to the question, “What do I do next?”

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If you’re wondering about the future and aren’t quite sure which option you’ll pick between abortion or parenting, there are factors to consider.

Abortion vs. Parenting: What Do You Really Want?

Abortion is the ending of a pregnancy, while parenting happens after you carry your pregnancy to term. Both are very different choices and will lead you down alternative paths.

It’s critical to ask yourself hard questions to uncover your inner feelings.

  1. How do I envision my future? Do I want to be a parent?
  2. What are my thoughts and feelings about abortion and parenting?
  3. What would my life be like if I chose abortion? What about parenting?

Before you dive into the details of finances and the logistics of those choices, you should get to the heart of the matter. A pregnancy choice is a very emotional and personal decision.

Evaluating the Details

Once you explore your emotions about your unplanned pregnancy options, it’s time to think about some of the details. These can include:

  • Finances – How much does each choice cost now and in the future?
  • Resources – What resources do I need? What organizations are available to help?
  • Support – Do I have a support system in place for my choice and future needs?
  • Fears – What am I afraid of, and how can I ease my fears?
  • Mental Health – What is my mental health situation? Does it play a role in my choice?
  • Partner Consent* – What does my partner think? Is he supportive?

*Please keep in mind that your partner doesn’t have a right to coerce or pressure you. The decision is ultimately yours to make.

While these factors do matter, they should not override your true desires. There are many resources and organizations available to make parenting possible for you if you’re finding this choice especially challenging.

A Third Choice?

One often overlooked choice is adoption. If you’re comparing abortion and parenting and both don’t seem to fit, explore the adoption option. It involves carrying your pregnancy to term and then placing your child with a qualified and well-vetted adoptive family.

Let’s Talk About it

Talking about your feelings, thoughts, and current obstacles can help you make a confident pregnancy decision.

Visit Fayette PRC for support, early pregnancy services, and information about all three of your choices. It’s your decision to make, but we’re here to assist you during this time.