Benjamin Update

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 Pandemic we have not been able to have Benjamin out on the road serving clients.  We are now looking ahead and discussing plans to get out on the road again but we ask you to join us in prayers as we work to make this transition. Several things need to be in place before we are able to resume service in our community.  We want to be back to full service at our main location before we resume services on Benjamin and we also desperately need counselor volunteers who are willing to serve at least one day per month on the mobile unit.  Our drivers and nurses are waiting for the word to resume operations but we need volunteer counselors for each shift in order to go out.  If you are interested in becoming a volunteer counselor and volunteering on our mobile unit contact Niki Garner, nurse manager, at for more information.

We look forward to resuming our services at Healing Bridge Clinic in Peachtree City and Southpointe Bible Fellowship in Fayetteville soon and are also in discussions regarding additional locations. Please join us in prayer that everything will fall into place into place for us to resume our mobile medical services!

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