To take on the responsibility of fatherhood is one of the most virtuous actions a man takes throughout his life. To love a child and raise them up to be strong and courageous is an honor.

For many men, the responsibility of becoming a father is overwhelming. Perhaps you are afraid of letting your child down. Or perhaps you are afraid of letting yourself down.

The fear attached to welcoming a little one into the world is real.  It is common to experience fear, but you are capable of leaving a legacy worth admiring. You are capable of raising children who would grow to be world-changers. We want to partner with you to help you show love to your child.

Men’s Exploring Fatherhood Program

Your deep desire to father your children well is best stewarded through mentorship. When you have someone walk alongside you in your journey to raise world-changing children, you are able to grow in your areas of weakness and sharpen your strengths.

You will not be a perfect dad, but your areas of weakness are most effectively addressed in contexts of community. Our Exploring Fatherhood program connects you with dads who have walked the road you are currently walking. You shouldn’t shoulder the weight of fatherhood alone. Grow alongside other men in our fatherhood program.

Earn While You Learn

When you participate in our earn while you learn to program, you will receive baby bucks to shop in our baby store. In this course, designed specifically for your interests, you will learn practical fatherhood skills that will equip you for some of the challenges that parenthood brings. You will learn how to make a positive impact in the lives of your children and how to become the role model that you long to be.

Additionally, you will learn about the challenges of pregnancy and infant care and your role in supporting your partner during early parenthood. You are going to be a great dad! With the help of the Earn While You Learn program, you can help provide for your young family. Contact us today.