Considering Pregnancy Options: What Alternatives Exist Besides Abortion?

Every woman has three pregnancy options: abortion, parenting, and adoption.

Parenting and adoption both require carrying the pregnancy to term, but the similarities end there. Both options are unique and will lead to very different futures.

Keep reading to learn more about parenting and adoption. You can also schedule a no-cost appointment to talk with us in person and receive information.

Parenting: What to Know

Parenting and raising your child is a long-term commitment. It comes with many challenges and rewards. While it can be difficult at times, many women would say it’s absolutely worth it.

If you have a desire to parent, here are two facts to note:

1. There are many resources and organizations ready to help you.

Parenting requires additional support and supplies, and many organizations can help.

You can receive assistance with material resources such as diapers, formula, clothing, a car seat, a crib, and more. If you need help affording healthcare, Medicaid can also be an option, as well as other government resources.

2. You are not alone. There are support groups and classes available.

Having a support system during pregnancy and parenting is so valuable. Connecting with women in similar situations through a support group can be an excellent way to build your network.

Our pregnancy resource center offers classes to help equip you for parenting so you feel comfortable, prepared, and confident.

Adoption: What to Know

Adoption is often a misunderstood option. While closed adoptions (where you remain anonymous and have no contact with your child) exist, they are not the most common form of adoption.

Adoptions today are much different. Both open and semi-open adoptions are more common than closed adoptions. These enable women to have contact with their children and adoptive families either directly or through a third party.

You can choose the adoptive family and the life you want for your child. Adoptive couples undergo background checks and home studies to ensure they will provide safe homes.

Additionally, adoption is an affordable option for women as the adoptive couple typically pays for legal fees and uninsured medical expenses. Depending on state laws, women may also be eligible for additional expense coverage.

However, adoption can be emotionally challenging for many women and lead to grief, so it’s important to really consider whether adoption could be the right choice for you.

Fayette Pregnancy Resource Center Can Help

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