Unplanned Pregnancy: What Are the Non-Abortion Paths You Can Take?

Your pregnancy test was positive, and now you’re considering your options. When your pregnancy is unplanned, your path might not be straightforward.

If you are in this situation, you have two other options other than abortion: parenting and adoption.

Do you want to learn more about each option and the resources available to help you?

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1. Parenting

Planned pregnancies typically lead to parenting, and so can unplanned pregnancies. You may not have envisioned this for your future right now or so soon, but if it’s what you truly want, it’s possible!

Before selecting any pregnancy option, evaluate the pros and cons and your available resources. It’s not a secret that parenting is expensive, but thankfully, many organizations exist to help women who want to parent in unplanned situations.

The government also provides healthcare coverage through Medicaid and other programs to women and families who meet specific income requirements.

Other considerations before parenting can include your mental health, life situation, finances, and support system. Think about parenting from every angle, and if you want to select parenting, find resources to fill in the gaps.

For many women, choosing parenting and raising a child—even with its challenges—can be a beautiful and fulfilling option.

2. Adoption

Maybe you decided now is not the time for parenting for one reason or another and want to consider adoption.

Adoption involves carrying your pregnancy to term and then placing your child with a loving, adoptive family.

You can set the terms of your adoption plan, including:

  • How much or little contact you have with your child and the adoptive family
  • The adoptive family (who must pass home studies and background checks)
  • If you want to remain anonymous

As far as the cost of adoption, typically, the adoptive couple covers your medical bills above what your insurance pays and any adoption legal fees. Depending on state laws, you may be eligible for more support for necessary living expenses.

However, adoption isn’t an easy decision. It can be emotionally challenging and lead to grief. But it can be a beneficial choice for you and your child in the long run if you aren’t able to parent.

It’s Your Decision.

Explore all your options, ask yourself hard questions, and evaluate your resources. Making a decision about your unplanned pregnancy is difficult, but researching your alternatives can help you make a confident choice.

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